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Are you getting close to retirement? Mike Musich is a certified coach with Fit-To-Retire. Fit-To-Retire is a program that focuses on helping those that are reaching retirement age to prepare for the stages of retirement. The Fit-To-Retire program begins with an online assessment that determines your overall readiness to retire. Retirement readiness is not just a financial analysis, it also includes a self identity, social, health and nutrition, and personal relationship analysis as well. You might be ready financially, but are you ready in every other area? That is what Mike is here to help you determine.

As a certified Fit-To-Retire coach, Mike has the tools necessary to help his clients feel ready for retirement, including a pre-retirement checklist, Fit-to-Retire Readiness Roadmap, and the 100-Day Playbook for each area of retirement success. The video below explains a little more about the program. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call today. Want to learn more about the program? Here is an overview of the program.